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13 October 2009


11 February 2009

Fiscal Responsibility from the congress?


05 February 2009

More City Car News

Well, there's small movement on the city-owned car front. Apparently, department heads were issued paperwork on Monday to be given to "city workers" who get a free car and gas to use as they please. They are supposed to write down why they should have a free car, gas and tolls.

I hope the Examiner stays on this story and that these justification forms are made public.

27 January 2009

Now this makes sense!

Despite the fact that the economy is sinking (thanks to the purchase of the White House for Obama by the unions), the City of San Francisco wants to raise taxes (surprise, surprise!) to balance its morbidly obese budget.

Instead of cutting the fat out of the city budget (of which there is a LOT), the bozos in Silly Hall want the citizens of San Francisco to pay for their pet projects and payoffs to special interests by raising the sales tax, parcel tax, car tax and payroll tax. Naturally, these monies will not be used to pay down the debt; it will go to support the unions.

If the unions want a raise, why don't they tax themselves more?

14 January 2009

City gets it. Sorta.

So the Mayor has finally realized that its "workers" are often spoiled bureaucrats with too many priviliges and not enough oversight. Funny how he's realizing this, just as he begins his big fundraising push for his run for Governor.

First, the Mayor's office has eliminated 103 cars from various departments and has repossessed 46 more cars from city "workers" who have been using them to commute to and from work every day without paying for tolls or gas or parking. Some of these people commute as far away as Santa Rosa. The excuse Gavin is using is the "global wah-wah" argument, but also argues that the financial cost that these "workers" run up driving these cars every day costs the City money.

Seems like to me that using a city car to commute free every day (and to run errands during other times) is not the right use for a government vehicle. Actually, I think the City should calculate how much each one of the people cost the City in fuel, tolls and mileage. Then report it as income so it can be taxed. I have seen Official SF Vehicles at the mall in Colma during the weekdays. There's a city "worker" who has been taking a Pious home every day down the block from me for the past few years. I wonder if his car has been repossessed and now he will have to suffer on Joe Muni like much of San Francisco does. Although this move has been made in the name of global wah-wah, I think that in this case, the ends justify the means.

And speaking of spoiled city "workers", some of them may be losing their free cell phones! The City spent over $13 million dollars last year for city owned cell phones. Aside from public safety, there should be no other agency that gets a free cell phone. Who are all these people that have cell phones and why are they using them so much? Don't they have REAL work to do?? Again, calculate how much each person has rung up and add it on to her paycheck as income so it's taxable!

Let's see how much teeth these directives have. Or is it just window dressing for a Governor's run?

09 January 2009

Home Invasions in the Taraval

Well, I found out that an extended member of my family is now a statistic. He and his family were victims of a home invasion robbery, part of a string that has been happening over the past few months. Apparently, the suspects are black, one fat and one skinny, who proceed to force their way into the house when the victims are getting out of their cars, produce a weapon and proceed upstairs into the house where it is ransacked and the victims terrorized.

Of course, they're hitting victims that usually come home late from work. Naturally, these victims are not black, but of an ethnicity that usually doesn't call the po-po.

My advice? Always be aware of your surroundings. See a strange car parked nearby with people inside? See strangers loitering around your house? Call the cops and hope it doesn't take over an hour for them to show up. Leave the outside lights on so you can see. And exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. Get trained in the use of a firearm and buy one. I've the feeling that the 2nd Amendment may be abridged after 21 January...



07 February 2007

Tolerance and Diversity in the SF Bay Area

One of the misconceptions that I hear often about the San Francisco area is how "tolerant and diverse and progressive" it is here. That's there's no discrimination here and all that does occur is Bush's fault. Unless you're not white.

Well, this happened in Marin, which is populated by people from San Francisco that got too uppity for the City. And the cab driver's solution was a typical San Francisco play too.

Glad Mr. Orange paid him anyway and is suing.

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